Detecting Forest Fires Using Thermal Imagery

Forest fires are devastating disasters that can have serious environmental and economic consequences. Every year, the evacuation of populations, the loss of equipment and the pollution generated represent a challenge for fire departments and public administrations.

In the fight against forest fires, thermography represents a major ally. Thanks to a specialized camera and a thermal imaging system, it can detect, with unequalled precision and efficiency, areas where fires are still burning on the ground.

Inspro works in collaboration with field crews, government bodies and fire department firefighters to provide accurate images of areas where there is a risk of forest fires reigniting.


Detection of At-Risk Areas by Helicopter and Drone

Our team of thermography experts uses advanced, state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras. The cameras are able to detect temperature variations in the ground more than a month after a fire. By detecting anomalies early, prevention teams on the ground can intervene sooner and prevent new fires from breaking out.

Our qualified operators can carry out thermography by helicopter and drone. They fly over affected areas to visualize hot spots (such as smoldering fires, which are difficult to detect because they don’t produce flames) and identify where ground fires are still raging.

Helicopter Thermography

An operator flies over the area with a camera to identify areas at risk.

Thermography by Drone

A drone, equipped with a thermal camera, flies over the area and sends real-time images to the operator.

When Can Thermography Be Carried Out?

Thermography is carried out after the forest fire. The aim is to identify areas where the fire is fuming on the ground, to prevent it from flaring up again. Since the camera detects temperature differences, detection takes place before sunrise, until early morning. Once the sun has risen, the images captured are not as effective at pinpointing hot spots.

How Does Forest Fire Thermography Help the Fire Department?

Once the visible part of the fire has been extinguished, the fire department’s work is far from over. Take peatland fires, for example; they can last for weeks or even months. In the case of deep-seated fires with no visible flames, the thermography technique can be used to check whether the fire is still “running” on the ground.

Targeting Areas Where a Fire Could Re-Ignite

Through aerial exploration via helicopter or drone, the thermal images captured by our camera are meticulously analyzed by Inspro’s skilled professionals, enabling the detection of hotspots. As soon as a significant rise in temperature is sensed, our system automatically generates alerts, which we pass on to the relevant authorities for immediate action. Consequently, our work helps firefighting teams on the ground to easily locate high-risk areas where the fire could flare up again on the surface.

Supporting Teams on The Ground

Depending on the extent of the fire, firefighters can extinguish it mechanically, with portable hoses or by air tanker. Our expertise in thermography can help firefighters and rescue teams to better plan their interventions, locate possible sources of fire and be alerted to the presence of potential victims detected by our cameras.

Inspro: Partners of Fire Departments on the Ground

By teaming up with us, fire protection services become more effective in preventing and managing forest fires. Thanks to our thermal images of burnt areas, we can support them in their work more safely, by keeping an eye on areas at risk. Our thermography service offers an advanced, proactive solution for monitoring affected forests in real time, and for quickly alerting the relevant authorities in the event of any threat of fire.

Advanced Thermography Expertise

Our team is made up of experienced specialists in the field of thermography. We use state-of-the-art equipment to generate high-quality thermal images.

Rapid Availability to Support Teams on the Ground

We travel to assist teams managing field efforts to quickly provide expertise.

Partnership With Specialists

We collaborate with fire departments, public authorities and field partners to coordinate imaging and response.

Travelling to Québec and Abroad

Inspro travels throughout the province and even abroad to support teams in detecting and locating forest fire hazards.

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